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Bingos, Extras and Scores

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There are 7 ways to score a bingo. Here they are:

 photo patterns1bingos.png

 photo patterns2bingos.png

 photo patterns3bingos.png

 photo patterns4bingos.png

There are 3 ways to score an extra. Here they are:

 photo patternsextras.png


The more stories you write, the more points you win per story.


Line through the middle, 5 entries = 100 pts
Line not through the middle (horizontal or vertical), 5 entries = 200 pts
Cross, 9 entries = 400 pts
Mini Cube, 9 entries = 400 pts
Plus Sign, 9 entries = 400 pts
Border, 16 entries = 800 pts
Blackout, 25 entries = 1,500 pts


1 story with 4 prompts

Postage stamp = 100 pts
4 corners = 100 pts
Diamond = 100 pts

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