AMNESTY: 23 fics (second card)

I just couldn't get those last two out... or clearly remember to post the done ones. *facepalm*

Author: erinm_4600
Medium: 23 fics (Tin Man, original, CSI, Enchanted)
Love List: love bite, adoption, marriage, libido, excitement, separation, brothers & sisters, walking on the beach, desire, grief, finding love, WILD, making love, I like you, birthdays & anniversaries, partner, porn, song for you, old flame, v-day, aunts & uncles, loneliness, breaking up is hard to do
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Jughead 00

Bingo Amnesty - 5 Fills

Author: Bekah Rose
Medium: Fic and Fan Art (Manipulations)
Fandoms: Merlin (BBC) / Torchwood
Love list: Solace, Making Out, Eroticism, Kinks, Prince Charming

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  • ihrtmr

Bingo Amnesty: 2 fills (2 fics)

Bingo Amnesty 2 fills (2 fics)
Author: ihrtmr
Medium: 9 Total
Fanfics (One Vertical line of 5, 2 extras, and 2 amnesty)
Love prompt list: Love Sickness, Buying Love

Fandom: Brothers and Sisters
Disclaimer: I own nothing.  Brothers & Sisters is the sole property of ABCCollapse )
Golden Gate

Closing Round 3 and Opening Amnesty.

Hello, hello!

After five months of creation, round 3 is now officially closed. I'd like to thank all of you for participating.

171 cards! It's great! I never expected to give away so many cards considering LJ's decay, the size of this community (a one-mod small endeavor) and the number of bingo challenges running at the same time--more popular than this one.

Now, expect to see a winner's announcement post. If it doesn't come, don't hesitate to remind me. I tend to forget these things, and I know how important they are to some of you, which is only fair.

In the meantime, AMNESTY IS OPEN! What does it mean? It's simple. Gather up all the fills you completed and post them to the comm. They don't have to match a pattern. Simply announce what you have, for instance:

AMNESTY: 5 fills: 3 fics, one picspam and one video.

Then simply list them. Easy, peasy!


I'm still available to answer any question that need answering. ;)

BINGO! Blackout

Since there hasn't been an official post yet, I hope I'm still in time to turn my four Bingo lines in a Blackout now that I've worked some of my fics over :)
I deleted the post from yesterday for it.

I also hope that I managed to stay within the guidelines for my fills.

Author: JE / immortalje
Medium: Fic (20), Icons (2), Banner (1), Fanmix/Musicmix (2)
Fandoms: X-Men: First Class, Being Human, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Star Wars, Doctor Who

Love list: Deception, I do!, When I Fall in Love, There are none so distant that fate cannot bring them together, Funeral, Candle in the Wind, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?, Sensuality, Foreplay, Keeping the spark alive, Smitten, Aunts & Uncles, Wild Card, Walking on the Beach, Sibling rivlary, Date night, Till death do us part, Lover, Something borrowed, blue, old, and new, Getting back together, Defining Us, You Can't Hurry Love, Best friend, Gone to soon, Orphan

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I also still need a player tag and hope that I didn't actually miss any tags...
However, I couldn't spot a tag for Deception, I do!, Funeral, Foreplay, Walking on the Beach and Sibling rivlary amongst the available tags.
I think I also missed a fandom tag for Lord of the Rings.

BINGO! Line (Horizontal)

Author: meddlesomewiz
Medium: Fic (3) and Picspam (2)
Fandoms: Hobbit, Batman, Disney, Doctor Who

Love list: Second Chance, Indifference, I Like You, True Love, Kitty Love

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plot bunny

Bingo! Blackout

Author: timelordshines
Medium: Fanfiction
Fandoms: Torchwood

Lovelist: Blood is thicker than water, Love handles, There’s no one else, You’re the first, the last, my everything, Love affair, Holding hands, Sexuality, First love, Argument, Indifference, The boy is mine, Candlelit dinner, Picture: Eye with a heart in it, Soul mate, Unforgettable, Saying goodbye, Language of love, Mister right, Date night, I just called to say I love you, Friends with benefits, Sweet nothings, Kinks, When I  fall in love, Desire.

Tags missing for these prompts please: Love Handles, The Boy Is  Mine, Mister Right.
And please can I have a player tag?

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BINGO! Horizontal Line

Author: team_allen
Medium: Fanfic
Fandoms: Hawaii 5.0
Love List: You Can't Hurry Love, The Boy Is Mine, Father's Day, Introduction To The Family, Disagreement

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mods need a tag for 'the boy is mine' thank you :)